Adult Spiritual Development

Covenant Groups are one kind of small group that creates opportunities to connect in a personal way here at Church. These groups stay together over time and meet once per month reflecting together on the monthly worship theme.

Covenant groups provide space for personal spiritual development as well as relationship development.  We believe being a part of a small group can change the experience of the church for the better. The magic of covenant group is, in part, that they become a regular practice.

Each month the minister working with group facilitators and ministry leaders writes and assembles a collection of reflective materials linked to the worship theme. This packet gives everyone a common foundation for individual spiritual work and group sharing.  Each month comes not only with questions for reflection but spiritual exercises which challenge us to become more active in spiritual formation.

In the coming year we plan not only to continue to add membership, we will add additional groups that create greater ease of access for folks who travel a great distance, and for incoming cohorts of new members.  We also plan a facilitators’ circle, where group leaders can come together, to get a jump on the themes and to work on ways to make the circle experience an ever-improving one.

Our deep hope is that our church is a place not only to listen, but be to be heard.  A place for personal spiritual development and communal engagement both. Our hope is that everyone in the community finds a small group that supports these possibilities.

We now have fours covenant groups up and running at UUCS as well as groups sponsored by nearby churches! 

Each group meets once a month at a set time.  We have a Sunday Evening Group, a Tuesday Evening Group, A Wednesday Day Group, and two Sunday Afternoon groups.

If you'd like to get involved, send a note to Rev. Dave at: [email protected]