We strive for the worship experience at UUCS to engage heart, mind and spirit in a way that grows our sense of joy and meaning and empowers us in actual living. 

The mission of the minister and the worship team is to create weekly celebrations that bring us together as a whole community to engage and connect with each other and with what is sacred and most deeply cherished in our lives. 

Creating worship though is a broad and collaborative enterprise, bringing together preachers, worship associates, storytellers, chalice lighters, singers and musicians, chancel tenders, sanctuary decorators, greeters and ushers, and the entire congregation that takes part.

Welcome to the celebration of life, let us worship together!

UU Church of Savannah Worship Themes 2014-2015

  • JULY – Connecting
  • AUGUST – Accepting
  • SEPTEMBER – Practicing
  • OCTOBER – Creating
  • NOVEMBER – Remembering
  • DECEMBER – Serving
  • JANUARY – Dreaming
  • FEBRUARY – Evolving
  • MARCH – Challenging
  • APRIL – Nurturing
  • MAY – Appreciating
  • JUNE – Releasing 

Past (2013-14) 

  • August Freedom
  • September  Family
  • October Humanity
  • November  Nature
  • December  Wealth
  • January Compassion
  • February Enlightenment
  • March Health
  • April Virtue
  • May Progress
  • June   Joy

Sermon Podcasts: Click below to explore words from our worship life!