The Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah

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The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are elected to lead the Church, representing the interests of the congregation, setting policies in line with our vision and encouraging leadership within all our ministries!

Susan Daggett -  President 

I have been a UU since I discovered this denomination in 1993, serving in four other UU churches in a variety of positions, including Board President.  I have been involved with UUCS for more than 11 years and served this congregation in Hospitality, collection money counter, and as Worship Associate. I am looking forward to serving on the UUCS Board, now that I am retired and have time to devote to the church.

Dorothy Holmes - President Elect

Thirty nine years a UU, I believe in our covenant, “service is our law”.  I have been a member at UUCS since 2012, and before that was a member for 32 years at the All Souls Church Unitarian, Washington, DC where I served in many capacities, small and big. I preferred the small tasks as exercises in humility and greater closeness to the members (e.g., music and ministerial relations committee work, ushering, counting plate collections), but stepped up when asked, for whatever (Vice-Chair of the Board). 

 I am particularly interested in pursuing social justice through a variety of church programs, including consideration in small groups of our capacities for and resistances to understanding the struggles, social needs, and contributions of non-dominant groups.  I love UUCS and look forward to helping it grow!

Lilli Hutto - Treasurer

Running barefoot with my three younger brothers though a suburb of Columbia S.C., we played among the pecan trees that were an orchard before it became a subdivision. As the oldest I directed games, decided infractions, and listened carefully to identify facts and emotions around fierce confrontations.

Fast forward through a degree and two kids and now as a career I mediate conflict for the US Postal Service. Those skills growing up came in handy.   During this whole time, basically since the 80’s, I have served on boards; cooperative, professional, and UU. And although I have run programs, served as vice president and president, I have never taken the                                                                                     role of treasurer. I have a new appreciation for the importance of information gleaned from financial statements and the                                                                                     need for accuracy.

Amber Johnson - Secretary

Amber Johnson moved to Savannah in summer 2015 and joined the UU church shortly after. A native Midwesterner, she enjoys cheering for the Iowa Hawkeyes with her husband Aaron Peck and stepson Aiden. She enjoys her full time work as an Environmental Manager and her free time in running, swimming, cooking, and attempting to garden. She is a member of the pastoral care committee. 

John Iaderosa - Member at Large

John recently retired after 20 years as a Neurosurgical Physician Assistant here in Savannah.  The 20 years previous to that he worked with the Wildlife Conservation Society in multiple positions.  He was a zookeeper at the Bronx Zoo and eventually curator at their St. Catherine's Island Wildlife Survival Center, an offsite breeding and research center for endangered species.  John has been a member of the UU church of Savannah since 1987 and has served in a variety of positions on the Church Board and committees.

Joel Matulys - Member at Large 

Joel was raised in Montana.  He and his wife Kathy have son Trevor, his wife Summer and daughter Eleanor.  Joel attained a BS of Engineering (West Point), Master of Architecture (U of Washington),  and a zoology major (U of Montana). He has worked in zoos and parks, but mostly in constructions of health care clinics and major hospitals in the Pacific Northwest, Alaska and the Pacific Islands where the work served indigenous peoples.  Joel and Kathy moved here from a small island near Seattle.

Nancy Arteberry - Member at Large

Nancy moved to Savannah from Boston in 1995. After being raised in the United Methodist church, she found her spiritual home at UU Church of Savannah in 1999. Since then,she has served the church in many capacities, including being on the worship and religious education committees, teaching religious education classes, and serving on a previous Board. She joined the staff as Director of Religious Education in 2015, a position that she loved and held for three years. She now teaches at a local private school. Nancy has two grown sons and a grandson. She lives in Savannah with her partner, Jim, and poodle, Frankie. 

It is the policy of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah to hold monthly Board meetings the second  Thursday of each month. 

Board meetings are open to members and friends of the congregation who may attend as observers of the process or may join the Board for the amount of time it takes to bring an item of  discussion or information for the Board's consideration. All proposals for action must be discussed in committee before coming before the Board. The Board may be called into Executive Session by the President outside of the regular meeting time to discuss a specific issue or problem.

Fund Trustees

The Fund Trustees are responsible for overseeing the church's Endowment and Building Funds.

The Fund Trustees meet at least once a year or on an as needed basis.

Judy Dinehart - Fund Trustee

Judy has been a member of this church since 1986. She has served as President of the congregation on two separate occasions and has chaired every committee plus taught religious education classes to both children and adults.  She continues to Chair the church's Music Alliance which is responsible for our various concert series. She spends the Summer months in the Mountains of North Carolina.

Linda Archinaco - Fund Trustee

Originally from Pittsburgh, I lived in Hilton Head for many years before moving to Savannah.  One reason for the move was finding a UU church here. As my family lives in the north, I was looking for a  friendly, welcoming community of like-minded people. I certainly found it in our little church on the square. I've always been a teacher of some kind; first, in the public schools, then as a trainer for a management consulting firm. Currently I teach Qigong, a mind-body practice that improves health and well-being.

Brett Highland - Fund Trustee

Born in Savannah and spending his entire life in the Southern US, Brett is married to the amazing Jennifer Highland and they have two beautiful daughters, Suzanne and Abigail, residing in Brooklyn NY and Boulder CO. Brett works as an agricultural scientist in the area of biological pesticide development. They are long time UU’ers and members of the church for about 3 years. Brett enjoys the natural world, water sports and painting. He calls himself a Buddhist-Humanist UU’er with Sufi leanings.

John Cook - Fund Trustee

Bio Pending