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Adapting to Sanctuary-at-Home

Our UUCS Board of Trustees, along with our minister, Rev. Susan Karlson, has made the decision that UUCS is going virtual for most of our activities, with very rare exceptions. 
This means that there will be no in-person services on Sundays.

For the full announcement click HERE

We'll be using the video-conferencing platform Zoom to conduct meetings and, 

for the first time March 29th, a virtual Sunday Service and coffee hour.  

Today, Friday and Saturday at 11 am you can join a Zoom learning session with volunteers Kris Baucom and Rachel Walman, who'll guide you through the simple tools of the platform.  

Click these links to attend each learning session:

If you want to speak with Kris or Rachel on the phone first please send your name and phone# to

Thursday at 11 am

Saturday at 11 am:

You can also watch video tutorials here:


YouTube  (opens with an ad that you can skip after a few seconds)

Sunday Morning Worship
March 29, 11:00 AM
Our Worship Theme for March is Wisdom

Rev Susan Karlson preaching

The Years of Living Generously

Originally, this title popped in my head, riffing off our stewardship campaign theme and the movie title (My Year of Living Dangerously).  Now in the era of COVID-19, the two have woven together in my head and heart.  This Sunday we will explore the spiritual value of generosity in uncertain times where people are scared and toilet paper is a hoarded commodity. Recent zoom calls convince me that we need each other more than ever and we need to feel that our lives and our gifts have meaning as well. Please join us this Sunday for the Years of Living Generously.
Use this link to join on Sunday at 11 am

in-person services are suspended temporarily

Watch your inbox for a more specific announcement about the Sunday Service

 and copy of the Order of Service.

Twice Weekly Virtual Pastoral Calls with Rev Susan

In response to our need to be emotionally and socially close Rev. Susan invites you to a virtual pastoral care session where we can subvert the recommendation to be physically distant.  These sudden changes to which we’re adapting are stressful and many of us are feeling strongly about them. Uncertainty is one of the most challenging of states of mind. Yet, none of us are really alone.

Join on Thursday, March 26th, at 2:00 pm 

via this link:

Join Rev. Susan on Tuesday, March 31st,  at 7:00 pm 
via this link:

Both will be held via Zoom (see the links to help with Zoom above).

Do you need some supplies delivered?

Volunteers are standing by to help. 

Please email to get connected!

Rev. Susan’s Weekly Pastoral Message

Dear friends,

I write to you with a heart filled with love and care.  I have heard stories about how many of you and those you love are weathering this time that is fraught with a mixture of chaos, confusion, uncertainty, joy, deep listening, and finding purpose and meaning in your lives. I hear how some of you have family members impacted by the virus. Some of you are feeling ok, not minimizing the pain and suffering of others but finding time to just be at home or take a walk or work in the garden--”an introvert’s paradise” as one member described it. 

As with any experience, we as a faith community are going to experience this shelter in place in various ways. We each are trying to maintain our safety and health while concerned about others and their well-being.  As I said in my sermon last week, we can be physically distant without being distant from one another. This past week, we initiated a number of zoom virtual conferencing calls. Zoom is such a positive way for us to be with one another. We held our first zoom pastoral care call on Tuesday and our second will take place this afternoon. So much good happened on that first call! People checked in with how they were doing and found out resources and hope from others on the call. I am seeing how ironically we are able to be with one another in deeper ways than before. I think there are a number of ways to touch in that we didn’t have access to before. I know that previous generations did not have these technological resources that can bind us together even when we are physically missing seeing and being with one another in person.  Our zoom pastoral care calls on Tuesdays and Thursdays will be weekly times we can meet. I will be there for anyone who wants to show up. I also urge you to let me know if those pastoral care call times or days don’t work and I will schedule other meetings. Zoom covenant groups will begin in April so the small group ministry that is thriving in this church will go on much as before. As well, please know that you can talk to me privately by phone, e mail, text or zoom. Everything does not have to be in a group. Privacy and confidentiality necessitate private individual times too.

Finally, we will be starting our zoom worship  this Sunday which I am very excited about. During this Sunday, you will actually be able to see one another and extend it into a zoom coffee hour shortly after the service.  Colleagues tell me that it has been so important for people to be able to see each other face to face. You can also call in and just be on the audio call. Families can be together which I am really looking forward to seeing. You can show up in your pajamas and not worry about spilling your coffee in the sanctuary!

We will have live music from Kelly and others straight from the comfort of their homes. Much of this call will follow our usual format for worship and in the weeks to come, our zoom worship will include our Worship Associates and Storytellers again. 

This is a long missive to you but I want to let you know that we will come through this, stronger, more resilient, robust, loving and caring. I am so eager to be with you all in the countless ways we now are in touch.

Rev. Susan's Schedule has become very fluid, so the below info is provisional.

347 466-0864

Days off--Mondays and Tuesdays

Study day--Friday

Office hours--3:00 - 6:00 pm Wednesdays

Your minister  is always available in the event of emergencies or crisis when you need to speak with her.

Next Sunday, April 5th
Our Worship Theme for
April is Liberation

Rev Susan Karlson preaching

Religious Education

Eva Newbold, Director

RE Wishlist
I've created a RE Amazon wishlist with supplies that are needed for our classrooms. Please take a look and consider donating to our RE program. 
Thank you to everyone who has already donated, it is so appreciated!
Find it here:  WISHLIST

Regarding the temporary suspension of Religious Education Classes:
I'll be emailing materials to RE families every week that you can use to do Sunday's RE class at home. You'll receive an email the Friday before. Please reach out if you have any questions. You can reach me through email at, or by phone at (912) 401-1401.


Not all are aware that our marvelous Eva Newbold has been planning to move on from her position for some time.  Make sure to show your appreciation over the next few months as we seek her successor.

Seeking Part-Time Director of Religious Education

UU Church of Savannah is seeking a part-time (16 hours/week) Director of Religious Education (DRE), to begin June 1, 2020.  The DRE, under the guidance of the personnel committee, will plan, administer and promote our religious education program for children and teens. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field, experience with teaching or religious education, and a grounding in Unitarian Universalism. If interested, please submit a resume and cover letter to

The full job description is HERE

Members share their experience

Mr Rogers said, "Look for the helpers."  

Julie Gillart

I woke up this morning with a sense of fear. I fear I will die during this virus pandemic then I figure if I am going to die soon might as well do something to help other people. That is why I decided to join the Pastoral Call. 

After I listened to other UU friends, I realized that I am not the only one who is feeling so hopeless. After I found out that another UUCS member is busy herself with making medical masks, I became alive. There is a mission ahead of me, I can't give up just yet. 

I am looking into YouTube and learning about sewing medical masks. I truly believe that helping others is a great help for my own stress.  I'll start this project right away. I am so excited I can't sleep. 

Persevering through home Quarantine

Robert Pawlicki

My wife and I are in our 50th day of self-quarantine – sort of. Not big-time quarantine in a hospital or isolation in one room of our home. Closer to what most Americans are now experiencing, staying at home except for doctor visits and carefully orchestrated food purchases.

I contracted the flu the first week of February, confirmed by a lab test, and required bed rest and home stay. Within two weeks, my flu evolved into pneumonia, confirmed by an X-ray. Now seven weeks out, some of the pneumonia cough continues and my energy level isn’t back to normal. The pneumonia still appears well on the road to recovery, but I’m vulnerable to other illnesses at this point and now the coronavirus looms. Our self-imposed isolation continues. So what have we learned in our trek? Here’s our experience.

We greatly increased our non-physical social contacts. Telephone, FaceTime and Skype, emails and text to family, friends, neighbors, organizations. To people we haven’t reached out to for years. To relatives in other countries. We’ve listened carefully to their situations.

Expanding our social world has filled in a portion of our newly available time. Many of us regularly curse technology. Right now it’s been a life-saver in facilitating contacts. Ironically, we found this time of stress to be an opportunity to deepen relationships, including with each other.

We use newly available services such as home delivery of meals. We order groceries online and have them loaded into our trunk without getting out of the car. In each case we use hand wipes on all the food coming into the house and with any item contacted. We conscientiously wash our hands thoroughly after unloading. To some, this may seem overly careful, but we don’t see much room for error here.

Over time, we noticed items we initially overlooked in our self-imposed restrictions, such as the newspaper, mail, or food brought to our home by generous friends. Perhaps in the unlikely category of carrying contagion, we now alcohol-based wipe every item entering our home and then wash our hands, once again.

We are conscientiously social distancing, but we’re attempting to be creative. Our next-door neighbors recently visited us, bringing their own chairs, bottle of wine and glasses and sat in our yard while we stayed on the porch. We had a wonderful, laugh-filled, time.

We individually have alone time during the day. We each own our emotional state but care for each other. My wife has signed up for an online course. As my strength improves, I’m spending small, but increasing time working in the yard, something I find relaxing and calming. I write. We both set aside time to do home exercise. We schedule daily drives in the car in order to get out of the house. We’re more sensitive to those we’re dealing with on the phone, knowing that they, too, are under increased stress.

Beyond the cleanliness and general activity, the most important element of self-imposed confinement is our social interaction. An important piece of background information is in order. We like to spend time together – not this much time, of course. Still this lockdown has been a test. We’re attentive to feelings, stress and irritability. Tolerance, kindness and sensitivity are more in our thoughts.  On the rare occasions of snippiness, we catch ourselves quickly, alert to the unusual situation we are experiencing.

We believe our mutual physical and mental health is critical. It is even more crucial to those who do not begin with love and respect, those who may, under normal circumstances, have fractious or tense relationships. If you’re in that category, it’s time to up your own ante of goodness, kindness and tolerance.

Each of us needs to customize our social distancing. But it seems good advice that reaching out to loved ones and friends is critical as is an increase in social consciousness.

By all scientific information we have a long battle in front of us. I guess it can’t be said too often, we are in this together – all humanity.

Social Justice and Action

Contact: Jim Rosch at 518-232-1005 

Inner City Night Shelter needs "to-go" boxes so that they can package food for the homeless. They are not serving food at the shelter so everything is in to-go boxes. Bring whatever you can to them or bring them to me.

Family Promise is not in their usual routine but they could use donations, cleaning supplies, gift cards and your thoughts and prayers.

Rahn Hall is still improving!

Bill Rolfes reclaimed materials from the demolition and built this clutter-killing cabinet for our 'engage and connect' concierge corner.  Watch as Marc Coulombe demonstrates its funcionality!  For reasons unexplained, this video only plays on mobile devices.  (We're going to replace our webhost soon!)

Music Concerts Survey
The Music Alliance is in the process of planning our concerts for next year. Please take two minutes to complete this survey.   

It's only four questions!  2021 will happen.

Covenant Groups - Soul Matters

Join one today  - Now meeting via videoconference.

Please consider joining a Covenant Group as a way to ameliorate the physical distancing that we've so suddenly adopted.  This doesn't have to be a time of social distancing.  Connect and discuss with others monthly. 

Alla Breve Concerts

March 22  and May 3 - Cancelled

Savannah Music Festival - Cancelled

But! The SFM has free concerts every noon on their

youtube channel here:

We are so sorry to report that these concerts have been cancelled!

Did You Know We Can UU The Vote??!!

CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!          There's a cool video!

WRUU 107.5 FM Community Radio 

Listening is a good thing to do if you're home for a while.

WRUU 107.5 is Connect Savannah’s “Best of Local Radio” and “Best of Local Talk Radio” 2019 winner!  Our all-volunteer station seeks members of our community who have media/marketing, fundraising and other talents to keep us going strong. We are also accepting proposals for program hosts.  For more information, visit

How was church on Sunday?

The Worship Team wants to know what you think.   This applies to the streaming service, too!

Please take a moment to respond to THESE THREE QUESTIONS.

Rahn Hall (Virtual) Art Gallery now showing

the photography of Gordon Webb

since we can't all gather for a while

Gordon has a web-based gallery, too:

Notice to All Artists ! Have you ever wanted to have your artwork on display for the public to appreciate?  Would you like to help beautify our wonderful new Rahn Hall?

The Rahn Hall UUCS Art Gallery is now accepting submissions for works to be shown on the walls of Rahn Hall!

Please click for more information.

A Snapshot of our UUCS Congregation in Four Parts

 Joel Matulys, Board Member 

See all parts of the Snapshot here.

Joel painstakingly summarized all of the responses to our survey of last summer in a five-page document that will guide decision-making over the next year.

Another Way to Painlessly Support UUCS

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