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Sunday Morning Worship
August 2nd, 11:00 AM
Our theme for July and August is
Building the Beloved Community

Wanda Lloyd preaching

Conversations about Race, 
Culture and Community

In the age of anti-racism, #BlackLivesMatter and yes, COVID-19, a former newspaper editor talks about the importance of coming home after a decades-long career, and her desire to start community conversations about race and culture. Her memoir presentation will enlighten and inspire those who hear her stories.

Use this link to join on Sunday at 11 am

in-person services are suspended temporarily

Please send your joys and concerns to Rev Susan before noon on Saturday

Watch your inbox for a more specific announcement about the Sunday Service

 and copy of the Order of Service.

Other NEW ways to commune with Rev Susan

Rev Susan's Weekly Reflection
Fridays at noon Rev Susan will deliver a weekly reflection via Facebook Live on the UUCS page.  The video will be available on that page for later viewing, too.

Midweek Mingle
Wednesdays from 3-6 PM - Drop in for a brief worship at 3, then open chat via Zoom


Minister’s Musings

We’re adopting a feral kitten. We hope he will be a good playmate for our cat Lolly. Truth be told, we admit that we are also hoping to bring in new life and energy, and build our family in our senior years.  We have no grandchildren and so, the feline species in our little house adds to our feelings of anticipation, playfulness and joy.

I imagine it’s like bringing home a new child. What toys might the older one share? What are his favorite foods? How do you introduce siblings to one another? How do you create a safe environment for everyone? How do you change your habits--it’s like making sure the electrical outlets are covered when you have a toddler; there’s always something to think about. 

All of these questions about environment and safety are not unlike the questions people are grappling with regarding the corona virus. Parents dealing with childcare and schools. Everyone doing what they can to stay safe and healthy.  We all need some things that keep us energized and excited, invigorated about new explorations and exciting adventures.  Last week, I checked in with Paul and Gail Winston who will be our Spotlight on UUCS family. I don’t want to pre-empt what they might say this Sunday but Paul gave me permission to share his words which are like poetry. Here is an excerpt from his e mail to me:

 “ Our adventures run the gambit from quietly observing the beautiful Great Ogeechee River from our near by park at Ft McAllister to self contained car trips that seem like nothing so much as a hermetically sealed bubble. We recently drove down to Harris Neck Bird Sanctuary, some thirty miles south of us in Richmond Hill. As we drove by Teal Lake in the sanctuary hundreds of Roseate Spoonbills took flight towards the sun appearing precisely as cherry blossom rising toward the heavens. At another lake in the sanctuary Wood Storks, more then could be counted, feeding their many newborns while the males flew about in a never ending search for food. The mingled sounds of chicks and parents reminded us of a noisy theater before the house lights dim. We’ve also taken to getting up at sunrise to travel to Jekyl Island and spend some time on Glory Beach, all alone.”

Even if we’ve never seen these particular vistas, heard these birds or witnessed the sunrise they saw, we can envision it. We can imagine other sunrises and sunsets. We can take our own drives and adventurous hikes. We can be in search of the ever present beauty of the Georgia sea islands with their marshes, salty sea spray and the cacophony of bird song. We can share our adventures with one another. We can create warm and friendly environments and we can bring in something new and lively, fun-filled and inviting into our lives. We can share gifts that come to us like the feral kitten Marc shared with us and volunteer butternut squashes we shared with him. We have so much to share, so much delight to give to one another. I’d love to hear what is delighting you this summer as we near August.

Alan and I will be taking a staycation from Monday August 10th through Tuesday August 18th.  Please contact Rachel Walman at during those dates. I will have ordained clergy available as back up pastoral care and I will, of course, be here if there is an emergency but please write Rachel during those dates and she will contact the ministers on call.  Call me if there is an urgent need at (347) 466-0864.

May we give out of our bounty and share from our whole lives!

Faithfully yours,

Rev. Susan 

Religious Education

Hannah Ringer, Director  (907) 632-3088

The Jewish Educational Alliance is starting a program, 'All Day at the J,' which provides distance learning support for students in K-6th grade. They will help kids complete their virtual learning courses and provide social distancing activities. Spots are limited so contact them soon if needed!

Greenbriar Children's Center is hosting 'Christmas in July', a drive by donation event next Thursday, July 30th!! Click the link below to see items needed. 

Social Justice and Action

Contact: Jim Rosch at 518-232-1005 

Anti-Racism Standing Committee

If you are interested in joining the ARC, please use this FORM.

Questions?   Jane Rago, at

Inner City Night Shelter
The homeless are still in need of our help even though we don't bring or serve meals on the Third Sunday of the month. It would be good when you do your shopping to add some items for the homeless and drop them off at the Inner City Night Shelter on Arnold Street. Some items that would be good are: canned (but a pop top) meals like spaghetti etc., cookies, juice boxes, paper goods like toilet paper and paper towels, candy bars and breakfast bars. If you are unable to get out to deliver these items, let me know and I will make arrangements. Thanks.

Family Promise
is not in their usual routine but they could use donations, cleaning supplies, gift cards and your thoughts and prayers.

Did You Know We Can UU The Vote??!!

Friends, I just wanted to let you know about the UU The Vote campaign that is active in Georgia. If you go to this link, you will see how you can participate in civic needs to promote voting in the state of Georgia. UU the Vote is a powerful UU campaign that encourages Unitarian Universalists and others to work in solidarity together to insure that people are not disenfranchised from voting and that puts people in touch with other people to work actively in our state to get out the vote and make a difference. I signed up for three aspects of UU the Vote. I challenge you to participate in this grassroots campaign in this important election year. Let’s not just grumble (as I do all the time) about the electoral process but work actively to be more inclusive and promote safe voting with a huge turnout in numbers of mail in votes.  

CHECK IT OUT HERE!!!          There's a cool video!

The Poor People's Campaign: A National Call For Moral Revival

is uniting tens of thousands of people across the country to challenge the evils of systemic racism, poverty, the war economy, ecological devastation and the nation’s distorted morality.

The Unitarian Universalist Association is an official endorser and faith partner of the Campaign because we align with the goals, strategies, and tactics that strengthen multi-faith and partner relationships and coalitions, deepen our own faith, and help build a transformative movement for justice.

UU Book Club

August 23, 600 - 7:30 pm. 

Contact:  Caitlin McRae 

In Sickness and in Health: 

Love, Disability, and a Quest to Understand the Perils and Pleasures of Interabled Romance 

by Ben Mattlin

As described on the Amazon page:

A frank, humorous exploration of interabled dating, love, and marriage.   Ben Mattlin's wife, ML, recalls falling in love with his confidence and sheer determination. On one of their earliest dates, he persuaded her to ride on his lap in his wheelchair on their way home from an Elvis Costello concert. Thirty years later, they still travel like this from time to time, undaunted by the curious stares following them down the street.

You're invited to join the readers to discuss this fascinating book here: on Aug 23.

The Pastoral Care team is where to look for the helpers (and to be a helper).

Rachel Walman - Co-Chair, Pastoral Care Committee

As you may have seen in recent communications, we've started to gather a list of people who are interested in helping to deliver groceries and other items for members of the congregation that need to remain homebound. We're also gathering a list of volunteers who are willing to call fellow members to reach out and check in with people. During this time of social distancing, we don't need to be socially isolated and a simple phone call can go a long way in bringing some cheer to everyone's day. 

To be on the giving or receiving end of this community effort please contact
The Church's apartment at 307 East Harris is available to rent!  
Contact: Tom Sharpe Properties  (912) 228-4811

The 2nd floor apartment has over 1400 square feet, four large rooms, each about 15’ x 15’, plus a trunk room (that could be a small bedroom), a kitchen and bath.  Ideal for students.

Covenant Groups - Soul Matters - Our theme for July and August is Building the Beloved Community

Join one today  - Now meeting via videoconference.

Members enjoy and benefit from the monthly-themed discussions, but the greatest value of participating in a covenant group may be the opportunity to connect deeply with one another. During this time of social distancing, the experience of being truly listened to and offering that same space to others is especially relevant. We are not a support group or discussion group, but a gathering of caring UU companions who come together to foster personal spiritual growth and to share a sense of community.  

WRUU 107.5 FM Community Radio 

Listening is a good thing to do if you're home for a while.

WRUU 107.5 is Connect Savannah’s “Best of Local Radio” and “Best of Local Talk Radio” 2019 winner!  Our all-volunteer station seeks members of our community who have media/marketing, fundraising and other talents to keep us going strong. We are also accepting proposals for program hosts.  For more information, visit  or email  to

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Rahn Hall (Virtual) Art Gallery 

Notice to All Artists! 

The Rahn Hall UUCS Art Gallery is now accepting submissions for works to be shown on the walls of Rahn Hall (eventually)   AND IN THIS VIRTUAL GALLERY!!! right now.

Please click for more information.

You may also contact Brett Highland   Joe Faiella  or Caitlin McRae

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